Troy Ave Files Lawsuit Against Irving Plaza & Live Nation Over Poor Security Measures


After being involved in a shooting incident on May 25 that has ultimately left him in a pool of legal woes, Troy Ave has decided to file his own lawsuit. The incident, which left Ronald McPhatter dead and Troy and two others injured, ultimately led to an indictment against the rapper for second degree attempted murder and four counts of criminal possession of a weapon. Troy pled not guilty.

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Today (Aug. 8), to further prove the validity of his plea, Troy Ave and his team of lawyers appeared outside of Irving Plaza to announce that they are suing the venue and Live Nation (the venue’s owner) for negligent security measures. One of the lawyers on the case, Scott Leemon, told Billboard that the incident wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for their “negligence.” He went on to say that, “They let someone into the facility with a gun, did not pat them down and that’s where this person coming in, [Troy] would never have been shot.”

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This lawsuit comes a little over a month after the rapper’s not guilty plea.

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