The #HollyIsDead Twitter Party Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving


Villains, whether on the silver screen or the TV screen, evoke a certain passion, lust and intensity in viewers. One can make the argument without the villain a story doesn’t have much legs, which is why when sad bad guy (or girl) receives their Karma, a sense of justice washes over.

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Whether Holly, played by Lucy Walters, was a villain in the traditional sense is neither here nor there. However, after two seasons of her sticky fingers (she stole Tasha’s diamond earrings) being an habitual line stepper (hiring assassins to kill Ghost) her short-sightedness and her undying necessity to be “down” which caused irreversible damage, Holly and all her Holly-ness met its end in Power Season Three episode 5.

Many fans wanted her dead, however, many didn’t expect it would be at the hands of her beloved, Tommy. However the crime of passion wasn’t as “ticklish” for some. Yet, the other half of the Internet–the half that couldn’t stand her from the moment her red hair sashayed in Tommy’s life–rejoiced. The over abundant glee that took over the Internet was akin to when one receives their W-2s early.

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The Internet couldn’t contain itself when Holly was killed, and in true Internet fashion conjured up some of the best Tweets known to man.