Tyler, The Creator Changed His Twitter Name Because He’s Grown


Ever since his debut in 2010, the creative mastermind, Tyler, he Creator has been one of the most polarizing and notorious Hip-Hop artists of our generation.

Over the years, he has also gradually been growing and maturing into his own manhood while being a little less reckless and still maintaining his fearless creativity, especially after the sad breakup of Odd Future.

He recently took it another step into his maturation by changing his Twitter handle from @F*cktyler to @Tylerthecreator. In an interview with Afropunk, Tyler explaied that he changed his Twitter handle for business reasons, and he wanted to maintain a great first impression with corporations who want to do business with him.

“My stock just went up because of that name change,” he said. “How can I contact corporations, like ‘yo invest a bunch of money in me.’ Oh yeah, my name has this in it. First impression is automatically out the window.”

Interestingly enough, the @f*cktyler handle has not stopped corporations from doing business before. In the prime of his Odd Future days, the artist managed to land a Mountain Dew endorsement. Not only that, but he also managed to have a hit show (that’s deeply, deeply missed), Loiter Squad on Adult Swim.

Many fans, associates, and other celebs weigh in and also ponder as to why the name change.

Oh, and Tyler took a moment to reflect on his decision to pursue music, rather than staying in school.

In the meantime, watch the interview from Afropunk.

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