Usher Shines As Sugar Ray Leonard In New ‘Hands Of Stone’ Teaser

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Tidal has exclusively released a new teaser in anticipation for Usher’s upcoming role as professional boxer, Sugar Ray Leonard in the film, Hands of Stone.

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The 30-second clip depicts Usher in character as the iconic athlete and Jurnee Smollet-Bell as his wife, Juanita Leonard. The teaser zooms in on an intimate moment before Sugar Ray motions his wife over to a television broadcast of Roberto Duran (played by Edgar Ramirez). The video leaves much to the imagination, but definitely gives viewers a little taste of one storyline in the film.

Hands of Stone is a biopic about professional fighter, Roberto Duran, and in addition to following the Panamanian boxer’s rise to stardom, it also depicts one of the most famous fights in boxing history between him and Sugar Ray, known as “No Mas Fight” in 1980. Usher will be starring alongside Robert DeNiro, who will play Duran’s boxing coach, Ray Arcel.

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The film will hit theaters nationwide on Aug. 26. An extended teaser is available on Tidal to its subscribers only, but check out the snippet here.