Will Smith Doesn’t Hold Back About His Feelings On Trump During Press Conference


In a recent video shot in Dubai while on a press trip to promote his movie Suicide Squad, Will Smith spoke out about his embarrassment of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

“As painful as it is to hear Donald Trump talk and as embarrassing as it is as an American to hear him talk, I think it’s good,” Smith said while “speaking out about the insanity” of the 2016 presidential election. “We get to know who people are [who are Trump supporters] and now we get to cleanse it out of our country.”

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Smith also rebuked the idea of Islamophobia in America. Trump has made the news on more than one occasion for placing the blame for recent attacks on “radical Islamic terrorism,” even though many of these claims have been rebuked.

“In terms of Islamophobia in America, for me, that’s why it’s important to show up,” he told the crowd. “It’s like, I’m in Dubai, I’m tweeting, I’m showing pictures, I’m like “hey!”…doesn’t look like they hate me, does it?”

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This wouldn’t be the first time that Will Smith voiced his disdain for Trump. Not too long ago, he said he didn’t get why anyone would want someone who refers to women as “fat pigs” to be their president.

“For a man to be able to publicly refer to a woman as a fat pig, that makes me teary, and for people to applaud, that is absolutely f**king insanity to me.”

Check out clips of the Dubai press conference below.