Turns Out Woman Who Unleashed Crickets On NY Subway Is An Avid Prankster


A woman who caused panic on a New York subway for the purpose of a “social experiment” is facing multiple charges that might end her questionable career.

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According to ABC7, Zaida Pugh dressed up as a homeless woman and attempted to “sell” worms and crickets on a Brooklyn-bound D train last Wednesday (Aug. 24.) After the bugs were exposed to straphangers, the emergency cord was pulled causing everyone to freak out. Pugh was taken to the hospital after the incident and then into the custody of Brooklyn’s Warrant Squad. Pugh was arrested and is now facing charges of reckless endangerment, obstructing governmental administration, false reporting an incident and disorderly conduct.

While being arrested, Pugh confessed the entire thing was an experiment to expose the mistreatment of homeless people with mental illnesses. The people who attacked her were She told the New York Daily News she wanted to use roaches but knew the outcome would be worse. “It was supposed to be roaches,” Pugh said Saturday (Aug 27.) “I ordered some hissing roaches, but I had to pick them up from the post office. It’s a good thing it wasn’t roaches, because people would have bugged out way wilder. That would have been overboard. I’m glad I didn’t considering how far it went.”

Apparently, this isn’t Pugh’s first go around at experiments. The alleged actress previously pretended to have a baby on the boardwalk on Coney Island. In a 2013 interview with Right This Minute, Pugh says after she confessed she was wearing a fake belly while speaking to the EMT workers. She was admitted to a mental facility where she stayed for two days.

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During a Facebook Live post on Tuesday (Aug. 30,) Pugh tearfully apologized for her actions and expressed her dreams of becoming an actress will never happen. She also said due to death threats, she will remove her prank video from the web.

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