This Comedian’s Hilarious Reaction To Teyana Taylor’s Body Is Spot On


It was the night of August 28th and all a good amount of Americans had their eyes glued to the 2016 Video Music Awards. Beyonce and her crew ethereally slayed the white carpet, Rihanna brought the island party vibes to the stage, and Kanye West surprised everyone with the debut of the music video for his The Life Of Pablo track, “Faded,” featuring a baby oil-slathered Teyana Taylor is all her body goals-ness.

Many people shared their reactions in real-time on social media, but this “morning after” video response from comedienne Yamaneika Saunders takes the cake. In between her stand-up gigs, Rantin’ and Ravin’ podcasts and random videos with her unbothered cats, the former Funny Girls cast member took to her Facebook page to share her honest thoughts and, quite frankly, what many women around the country were thinking after watching the sexy, heavily choreographed visual.

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“I’m on a #SoGoneChallenge alright. I’m so gone on these damn pounds. Alright?” remarks the former Last Comic Standing contestant. “I saw this girl’s body and it made me want to kick my refrigerator down a flight of stairs.” As the video continues, she warns herself and whoever’s watching, saying, “Yo, if I don’t have Teyana Taylor’s body by 2055, all hell ’bout to break loose, man…I’ve got to start starving!”

Watch the funny clip below. If you can’t see it here, you can also view it here. You can also relive your personal reaction and watch Kanye West’s music video at the very bottom. You’re welcome.