Alicia Keys Brings Fans “Back To Life”


Alicia Keys stunned all with her makeup-less face at the 2016 MTV VMA awards, but she has a lot more to do before the year is out. After hitting us with songs like “Back To Life,” the songstress is back with another track from the upcoming Disney film Queen Katwe.

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“I was just totally taken by Queen of Katwe. Phiona’s story is so powerful, it just moved me to write the song called ‘Back to Life,’” said Keys. “This song is about how there’s no stopping when you’re determined and you believe in yourself.”

“This song is about there’s no stopping when you’re determined you believe in yourself,” Keys said about the record.

Queen of Katwe follows the story of a Ugandan chess prodigy who reaches the World Chess Championships. It hits theaters worldwide on Sept. 30.

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