Alicia Keys On The State Of The U.S.: “The Way To Propel Our Country Forward Is Not By Building Walls”

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Alicia Keys is a free bird, and with that comes the ability to open up no-holds-barred on whatever topics she feels, whether it be music, personal life and the nation she calls home. In a new cover story for Time Out New York, the bare-faced singer, songwriter and activist opens up on her truths as they pertain to all of the above.

Yes, the crux of the story is her forthcoming album (which remains untitled and unscheduled with a TBA tracklist), but it’s more about how she uses it to speak openly and candidly about the things that cross her mind with a whole new sound.

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She says the forthcoming LP will be full of many things—blossoming, addiction, dialogue, release, spirituality, tales of gritty upbringing and allegedly “tropical-house”—but censorship, especially given the touchy time the nation is in, won’t be one of them.

“It’s an imperative time to be loud,” she told TONY. “We’re not going to be silenced. All of us are battling wars: sexism, ageism, racism. We’re fighting the war of borders. We’re fighting a war as women. As a black woman raising black sons, I’m seeing so much systemic racism exploding in our faces. These days you have to be afraid to be killed just because you’re black! It’s devastating. Outrageous statements are made out of fear and hate. The intolerance is not acceptable. It’s ancient and patriarchal. The way to propel our country forward is not by building walls. Anyone that thinks that is out of their mind.”

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As an added bonus, Keys revealed that she will perform a secret show in New York on Oct. 9 (exact details are yet to be released). The first-of-its-kind performance for her, intentionally scheduled on John Lennon’s birthday, will show just “how art and activism cross over in a way that’s so emotional, so triumphant.”

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