Protestors Wait For Brock Turner Outside His House With Guns

Rapist Brock Turner may have received a light sentence for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman while attending Stanford University, however, protestors are making it difficult for the former decorated swimmer to live a peaceful life outside of prison.

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On Friday, (Sept. 2) after Turner served half of his six-month prison sentence, armed demonstrators waited outside of his Ohio home holding signs that were less than welcoming.

While it should be noted many of the protestors were men, one held a sign that read “Castrate rapists” while another sign read “If I rape Brock will I only do 3 months?”

The maximum penalty for Turner’s crime carried a 14 year sentence behind bars, although prosecutors asked for six. However, Judge Aaron Persky deemed a long prison stint too harsh and sentenced him to six months in prison. Turner was released after just serving three.

Turner’s laughable prison sentence set off a wave of similar sentences for other convicted rapists. Former University of Colorado student Austin James Wilkerson was sentenced to two years in jail and probation for sexually assaulting a drunk classmate. Judge Patrick Butler handed down the conviction to Wilkerson who under work release will be able to leave prison for work and school.

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David Becker, 18, of Massachusetts was also given two years probation for sexually assaulting two fellow high school classmates at a house party.