Nate Parker To Appear On ’60 Minutes’ To Promote “Birth Of A Nation”

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Nate Parker, director of the Sundance Film Festival darling Birth Of A Nation, will be appearing on CBS’ 60 Minutes to promote the film and touch on topics surrounding its release.

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The special, which airs this upcoming Sunday (Oct. 2), will be hosted by Anderson Cooper. This is Parker’s first televised interview pertaining to the film, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

There has been controversy surrounding the film for a few months due to Parker’s admittance of his involvement in a rape case involving a former Penn State classmate in 1991. The film’s writer Jean Celestine was also involved in the trial- he was convicted while Parker was acquitted (Celestine’s case was later overturned on appeal). THR reports that Cooper will be asking Parker a few questions about the case’s resurfacing.

Since the news broke, Parker has been straying away from discussion about the topic, focusing all questions on the intense film, while chronicles the story of Nat Turner leading a slave rebellion in 1831.

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Birth Of A Nation hits theaters on Oct. 7. Make sure to tune into 60 Minutes this Sunday to learn more about the film.