Beanie Sigel Says He “Helped” Meek Mill With Some Lyrics

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The feud between Meek Mill and The Game doesn’t seem to be coming to an end. Actually, with Beanie Sigel’s recent admission, it may have gotten a new set of legs. Sigel called into a radio station to offer a few details about his involvement and his assistance on the diss record “Ooouuu”

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“He didn’t say nothin’ to get me on the track,” Sigel said in regards to Meek Mill’s “Ooouuu” remix,”I just happened to come in the studio, so I just was helping him out with some lyrics, and the situation kind of played out like it did. It’s really no beef, especially between me and Game.”

This admission proves to be interesting since The Dreams Worth More Than Money rapper waged a war against Drake for allegedly not writing his own lyrics, and then for Sigel to then say he “helped” Meek is a bit odd.

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Sigel then goes to say he has no issue with the West Coast rapper and the two have had a great relationship long before this little tiff ensued.

“It’s really no beef, especially between me and Game. Me and Game got a good relationship; had one for years. So it’s not a me and Game beef, that’s a Game and Meek Mill beef,” said. “I’m just representing for Philly. That’s it.”

Interesting. Listen to the three-minute interview below.