86-Year-Old Bernice Starnes On Purse Snatcher: “That B*tch Don’t Even Know Me”


Eighty-six year old Bernice Starnes has become an Internet sensation due to her honest, yet brash delivery. While being interviewed by Ayana Harry of Pix 11, the feisty senior citizen spoke candidly about having her purse snatched.

“She wanted to hurt me, and the b*tch don’t even know me, ” Starnes said. “I hope they beat her a**, the women in prison beat her a** every day as long as she’s in there.”

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The spunky Bronx resident has traveled the world, experienced and seen many things but couldn’t wrap her mind around why someone wanted to steal from her. When Harry attempted to counter Ms. Bernice’s talk of wanting inmates to harm the purse snatcher, Starnes became even more irate.

“I’m suppose to feel sorry for that b*tch? I don’t!”

Police have video surveillance of a woman named Adrienne Terry taking Starnes’ purse on Sunday afternoon (Sept. 11) and then moments later throwing it in the trash. Forty-eight hours after the theft, investigators charged Terry with grand larceny and petty larceny.

While being escorted to a police car in handcuffs, Terry maintained her innocence. However, Starnes isn’t buying it. Not to worry though, the tough-as-nails elderly woman is reportedly planning to take a cruise to forget about her entire ordeal.

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Check out the hilarious on-camera interview below.