Move Over LinkedIn, Latinx Social Network BeVisible Is Here


On Thursday (Sept. 15), BeVisible announced a partnership with the Latino Startup Alliance to help break down the barriers and advance the careers of Latinxs in the job market. BeVisible is a new professional social networking platform, looking to build Latinx culture by advancing professional relations through personal ones online by putting millennials in contact with both hiring companies and each other in a professional way.

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“The Latinx community is rich with professional talent,” said BeVisible co-founder Andrea Guendelman. “BeVisible addresses the need to bring this talent to the surface and make it easier for hiring companies to discover.”

The social network currently boasts 5,000 subscribers and is growing as news spreads about the platform across the country. A recent report from The National Council disclosed that Hispanic millennials graduating from college struggle to find employment. The study also found that members of the Latinx community look at relatives and friends to find jobs, rather than using resources at their disposal such as résumés,  job postings, or employment agencies.

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Don’t let opportunities like this pass you by, join the #PipelineMovement community and become a BeVisible member today. And happy #LatinoHeritageMonth!