This Woman Had An Epiphany And Decided To Paint Her Body White: “This Is Saving My Life!”


Sometimes humor is needed in light of sad situations. With all the overwhelmingly unjustified fatal shootings that have been occurring within the United States, it’s no surprise that members of the black community are tired, fed up and reached the end of their rope when it comes to racism and police brutality (see the Charleston protests). In the case of this black woman Tashala Dangel Geyer, the last resort is to change her appearance to look more “white.” How does she do this? Oh, by simply painting her body white.

According to the unnamed woman, Daytona, Florida native,  she recently had an epiphany and took it upon herself to spread the word to all the “colored folk” of America. “The Lord woke me up and sent me this sign, so I went on ‘head to Home Depot and got this paint, because White Lives Matter.” After grabbing her bucket of white paint, brush and blonde wig, the Southern woman decides to stream herself on Facebook Live, and paint her naked body from head to toe.

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“You better tell your Aunts, your sisters, your itchy itchy grandmammy. You better tell them to go white and they will survive,” she says in her social media public service-like announcement. “If you go Caucasian, b**tch you will live a long muthaf**cking time. Everybody in my house is getting painted white…Baby, I don’t want nothing brown on me. Nothing muth**fu**in’ brown on me, ’cause police ain’t gonna kill me, gaddamnit. Ugh, ugh.”

As she continues to stress the reality of the fragility of black lives in between brush strokes, she makes it clear that although what she’s doing and saying is shockingly hilarious, at the root of it all, she is trying to make a point on. “I’m ain’t trying to be funny. I’m not racist. I’m not racist at all, but in order to survive in the world, it seems to me like you’ve got to be white. Ya ain’t gotta muthafu**ing say, ‘Hands up don’t shoot,’ if you look like this. But if you don’t look like this, bi**h then ‘pow’ you’re dead. They’re gonna kill your a**, so you better go on ‘head and go white, and you’ll be alright.”

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Watch the chuckle-worthy, but seriously heart-breaking session go down in the video below, because at the end of the day, society continues to demonstrate that white lives matter more in America. And if you know who this woman is, please let us know.