If You Need A Pick-Me-Up, Brock Turner’s Parent’s House Was Egged


While many are still seething at Brock Turner’s six-month sentence, and the three-months time served behind bars, a bit of solace can be experienced by learning his parent’s home was egged Tuesday. (Sept. 6)

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The former Stanford University swimmer, who’s laughable sentence for raping an unconscious woman caused nationwide outrage about campus sexual assault and consent, walked out of jail only to find protestors standing outside of his home with guns and signs that read “Castrate Rapists” or “If I rape Brock, will I get 3 months?”

According to TMZ, The Sugarcreek Township Police Department inspected the house and learned at least one carton of eggs had been used. Per the incident report, broken egg shells were found in front of the Turner home.

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It’s also reported Brock Turner registered as a sex offender today.