Carolina Panthers Mike Tolbert Pays For Car Repairs With $3,900 Worth Of Coins


Listen, it’s been a rough couple of days and if we’re being honest, a good display of pettiness always soothes the soul, and Carolina Panthers fullback Mike Tolbert has been gracious enough to bestow this gift.

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The story begins with Tolbert bringing his 1975 Chevy Caprice convertible to Motion Lab Tuning back in June to have the old motor switched out with a new one he provided. According to Tolbert, the original price was $2,700. That price dramatically increased when Tolbert called back to see about the progress of the car. Surprised the job wasn’t done, he was even more upset when the $2,700 price tag increased to $3,900.

“I was like, ‘Where’d that come from?’ And they were, ‘Blase’ this, work for this, this and this.’ But my car’s not finished,” Tolbert said.

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Fed up with the poor service, Tolbert wrote a check, but Motion Lab Tuning refused to accept it, believing it wouldn’t cash, which is when Tolbert exhibited A1 pettiness by going to the bank and withdrawing $3,943. 93 in coins. Upon arriving back at the car shop, the owner tried not take it, but an officer made him.

According to shop owner Todd Marcellini, the $1,300 increase was due to parts Tolbert’s friend was suppose to supply but didn’t.

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Thirty-nine hundred dollars in coins though?