Common Praises Black Women In ‘Love Star’ Mini-Documentary


In the midst of the Black Lives Matter movement’s amplifying cry for justice throughout the nation, Common takes a moment to uplift black women in his Love Star mini-documentary. It was duly named after his collaborative single with Marsha Ambrosius and PJ.

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“I look at black woman, like man, it’s so much strength in there, not only because of the things that we experienced as black people, but as a woman and being black is a whole ‘nother level of endurance and struggle,” the veteran rapper says. “I owe it, black men owe it, men owe it, the world owe it, that we lift it up and respect and honor, and give supreme love to black women.”

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The 6-minute ode pans out with profiles of various black women who engage in a conversation about the healing power of love while expressing their desire to see hate take a back seat in the ongoing fight for injustice within the United States. 

“I wanted to create art that is actively about change,” Common continues. “The person who’s listening…I want them to look at any injustices and be like, ‘man, it’s my duty to do something about it.’ [It] makes you feel like, ‘man, I can go conquer the world.'”

Love Star can also be viewed in full here.