Congrats Are In Order: Lil Bibby Is Heading To College

After once shunning the idea of college, Chicago rapper Lil Bibby is proudly scoping out campuses to pursue a degree in computer engineering.

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The rapper revealed the big news to fans on Instagram Thursday afternoon (Sept. 29). “I got it all mapped out. I’m on my sh**,” he explained. “They think I’m bullsh****** . I’m going to college, man.” In all, Bibby plans to attend Illinois State University while maintaining his music career. He also joked about his former basketball career while sharing the impressive scholarship offers. “You’ll have to call me Dr. Bib in the future,” he said. “I got another college tryna give me a full basketball scholarship, but I know I’m washed up.”

Speaking with VIBE in January, Bibby shared his love for books like The Alchemist and Art of War but wasn’t a fan of university life. “That’s how I viewed everything,” he said. “I used to look at people that go to school, and I used to see them on the streets like: ‘I got a college degree. I got a bachelor.’  But they [are] like bums, so I’m like what the f*ck do I need with that?”

In the meantime, the rapper will release his debut album FC3 the Epilogue in November.

You can pre-order the LP here.

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