Corey Finesse & Ty Real Hustle For “OG” Status


Corey Finesse does whatever it takes to reach the top spot by any means. After stacking up his chips in his “Vagabond” video, the former GS9 affiliate knows the game like the back of his hand. Now he’s utilizing everything he’s learned from his gritty hustle to move up in rank within the streets of East Flatbush in his new video for “OG.”

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In the video directed by Panoramic Films, Finesse links up with his go-to producer and singer Ty Real. The crooning beat maker holds down the hook while Finesse instructs his clique on how to get back at the kingpin in the way of his success. While you may hear him perform the record when he opens up for The Game next weekend in DC, “OG” may or may not end up on Finesse’s forthcoming mixtape, which drops next month via NuLa Entertainment.

Watch Corey Finesse and Ty Real in their “OG” video below.