Corinne Bailey Rae Spreads Hope In Her “The Skies Will Break” Video


British singer and songwriter Corrine Bailey Rae has recently released her latest video to her new single, “Skies Will Break,” a beautiful work of art that shows her getting in touch with Mother Nature while reminding us that despite our woes — bad times will eventually end and turn in our favor.

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Rae’s dreamy visuals shows her near a mountain, dressed in elegant garbs as if she was a goddess. As she sings like her life depended on it, the land and water shifts around her, and bring her lyrics “The skies will break for you, my friend” to life. The synth filled track has a very spiritual and uplifting essence to it that the video captured perfectly. If you’ve ever needed an energetic and soul stirring melody after your second cup of coffee, then this is the jam for you.

According to the “Put Your Records On” singer’s annotation on Genius, she describes how an abstract dream involving a race inspired her to write the moving “Skies Will Break.”

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“In the dream, I was sort walking next to this person. It was in this big, weird, outdoor arena sort of thing and this person was just in a race and everybody had run off and for some reason they get a false start or something, the runners were so far ahead, you couldn’t see them anymore and they were just so full of sadness and shame and they had these tears streaming down themselves,” she explains. “I was walking next to this person and then after I had this dream, I wrote down “The skies will break for you. The skies will break for you. The waves will part. The seas will rend. It won’t be long until it ends,” on the back of this envelope.”

Her new album, The Heart Speaks In Whispers, is now available on iTunes, stores, and all streaming platforms.

Peep the amazing visuals here.