Cory Taylor Talks Getting Back To Work After Nearly Losing It All


Entertainment executive and former SWV manager Cory Taylor is on the road to redemption after suffering a stroke at his house this year at the young age of 42. “It has been challenging to say the least. If I wasn’t a man of faith I probably would’ve lost it long ago,” he said in an interview with VIBE.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Cory Taylor

With the entertainment industry being a very daunting field, Taylor is looking to bring awareness to what stress can do, as a national ambassador of the American Heart and Stroke Association. “Even if you have a stroke, you can live,” he shares. “This has been very humbling for me.”

The road to recovery has been a testament to Taylor’s willpower and faith in God. Advancing through physical therapy, the 42-year-old says he’s at about “60 percent of where I want to be,” this being the toughest challenge he’s ever faced. Taylor has made changes in his nutrition to live a healthier lifestyle going forward.

Taylor partnered with Faith Evans a year ago to combine their expertise for a few television projects that are currently being pitched to networks. His next goal is to bring back the popular “R&B Spotlight” to B.B. Kings and SOB’s in New York City this fall.

“I’m excited for my life, I’m excited for a normal life. I’m no longer able to fasten my watch, just basic things were taken away,” he said. “I’ve got a great support system. I ask God to make me better not bitter. Being in a situation like this will show you who your real friends are.”

His focus has turned to the television side after securing clients for shows like SWV: Reunited and R&B Divas, while he continues looking forward to the future after his setback. Taylor recently directed a pilot/sizzle reel with Peter Thomas of Real Housewives of Atlanta at his lounge in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Taylor still maintains a close relationship with Coko of SWV, joining her radio show for a segment from 12-2 p.m. on Saturdays with the Musical Soulfood Station.

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