Remember The Name: Cousin Stizz Offers Inspiration For The Youth

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Boston rapper Cousin Stizz has a familiar story, but don’t think you can put him into a box just because he had it rough growing up. Coming from the bottom with only a dollar and dream to garnering a record deal, the rookie rapper fought every step of the way to make his aspirations a reality. He brought his coming-of-age story to New York City’s SOBs earlier this year — and we’re still lingering on the memory.

Through the dark and tightly packed venue, the Boston rapper charged the stage fired up off of the crowd’s roars. He rolled through standout tracks like “500 Horses,” and “Gain Green,” both off his recently released MONDA effort.

Despite Stizz’s oft somber raps, he’s jovial as hell on stage — and comfortable. During his entire set, Stizz kept a smile on his face, which is a testament to him overcoming the lackadaisical street-life that took invaded his life prior him entering the rap game.

If you haven’t gotten familiar with the kid yet, consider this post as yet another wake up call. Yes, you’re sleep… and you need to wake up to the sounds of Cousin Stizz.

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NY WAS CRAZY 📽: @bxjohns

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“Even back then, I knew that every season was my season. You have to realize that, also. Whatever it is that you do, you have to know that every season is your season,” Stizz said to loud cheers before going into his performance of “Every Season.”

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Good job Larry 🍊

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As the emcee ran through “No Explanation,” a song off his Suffolk County mixtape, the ecstatic expression on face showed his gratitude toward his fans. It was also an understanding that he has been blessed to be able to bring his music to the masses.

With that, his performance gave concertgoers encouragement to chase their dreams.