The NYPD Officer Who Killed Eric Garner Received A $23,000 Raise


The Staten Island police officer who placed Eric Garner in an illegal chokehold for selling loose cigarettes, which resulted in his death and nationwide protests, earned a $23,000 raise at the end of the 2016 fiscal year.

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According to reports, Daniel Pantaleo’s base pay in 2014–the year Garner was killed–was $76, 488. However, he took home $99, 915 by working overtime as a plainclothes anti-crime cop. After being moved to desk duty following Garner’s death, his pay raise received a slight bump to $$78,026, yet Pantaleo took home a whopping $119,996. Pantaleo was paid more than $23,000 in overtime for sitting at a desk, and of that, $12,853 came from “unspecified pay” which Politico reports as retroactive pay and or bonuses. A spokesman for the NYPD said the pay rise was standard.

“At times, officers are required to work beyond their scheduled tour of duty; this includes officers on modified assignment,” the spokesperson said.

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Yet the news of Pantaleo’s significant pay increase was perceived as a slap in the face to Garner’s family and supporters including Rev. Al Sharpton.

“It’s the epitome of an insult to New Yorkers in general, and particularly those of us who have stood by the Garner family,” Sharpton said. “I’m not only concerned about this raise. I’m concerned why is he even on the force?”

City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito echoed Sharpton’s sentiments.

“The vast majority of men and women who serve the NYPD treat the public with respect and are selfless civil servants, but Officer Pantaleo is not one of them. He should not be rewarded for his reprehensible actions,” she said.