Judge Rules Derrick Rose’s Rape Accuser Must Reveal Her Identity


U.S. District Judge Michael W. Fitzgerald ordered the woman accusing New York Knicks player Derrick Rose and two other men of gang raping her, to reveal her identity.

The accuser who is suing for $21.5 million, has always been identified in court documents as “Jane Doe.” Doe’s attorney argues the woman’s privacy should be upheld since her information was leaked in the past and she harassed.

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However, Judge Fitzgerald said he was following the law by revealing the accuser’s identity and said it’s up to the media to decide if they’ll choose to follow suit, or maintain her anonymity.

In August 2015, Doe alleged 27-year-old Rose and two of his friends sexually assaulted her after giving her drug laced Tequilla drink at his Beverly Hills home in August 2013, before they allegedly showed up at her apartment and sexually assaulted her.

Rose’s defense team said in a statement to People the accusations leveled against him are “completely false and without any factual basis,” They even went as far to state that Doe is simply trying to some quick cash.

“Nothing more than a desperate attempt to shake down a highly respected and successful athlete.”

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Doe told the Associated Press she wants to maintain her identity because her parents don’t know about the sexual assault or the case.

“They have a sense something’s wrong, but there’s no way I can express to them or explain to them how I feel or what I’m going through,” Doe said. “Having to think of alternative ways to communicate that pain is very stressful, and it takes a lot out of you.”

The civil trial is set to begin Oct. 4.