Watch DMX Take The Bad Boy Family To Church With A Powerful Prayer


DMX, just like the all of us, isn’t perfect. The beloved, yet troubled rapper has made headlines in the past for his many run-ins with the law, and most recently for welcoming his 15th child into the world. However, DMX is arguably one of hip-hop’s best and still holds a special place in the hearts of many. And beyond his talent as a lyricist and performer, DMX may have turned his back on another calling as a preacher.

Right before P.Diddy and the rest of the Bad Boy family hit the stage for Diddy’s Bad Boy Reunion tour in Chicgao, X–real name Earl Simmons–led everyone in a prayer. Demonstrating the same passion and energy he’s famously brought to his rhymes and his performances, DMX asked for grace and blessings and that any obstacles that maybe be placed in the performers path be removed in the name of Jesus!

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#DMX taking the #badboyreuniontour to church before the show…. #amen

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“Father God, we thank you for this gathering of souls. The word says that when two or more gather in your name you are present, so we thank you for your presence. We ask that your grace and blessings are upon this show this evening. We pray that any obstacle the devil plans to place in our path are removed in the name of Jesus!” DMX said. “We pray that there are no fightings, no stabbings, no shootings, no arrests, no drunk drivings, no altercations or incidents whatsoever!”

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As DMX continued in prayer, Diddy and many huddled around him accented his words with the appropriate “Amen” and “Yes lord!” After DMX concluded the prayer, in traditional Bad Boy fashion everyone glowed up real quick and then Diddy bopped to the stage to bless the crowd.