Eddie Murphy Says He Would Be Down To Do A Superhero Movie

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After a four-year hiatus, Eddie Murphy is back on the big screen in the film drama, Mr. Church. When asked whether he would be game to do other genres outside of his comfort zone, the legendary comedian said he would be interested in doing a superhero film on one condition.

“I would do a superhero movie if it was funny and we were making fun of superhero movies and I figured out how to do something funny,” the Brooklynite told Mashable.

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“I’m kind of long in the tooth to fly in in a cape now, so I’d have to be like the voice of reason or somebody,” he explained .”‘Don’t do that, super-fellow!’ or ‘we need such-and-such.’ But even I don’t buy me flying in with a cape on and you know, f**king everybody up, having lasers shoot out. See this? Doesn’t this look like bullsh**? What would you call this? Who would I be?”

The film Mr. Church finds Murphy as an alcoholic cook who is brought in to take care of a cancer-stricken mother and her daughter, while imparting wisdom throughout the girl’s life as she grows up without her mother.

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“I wasn’t looking to do anything,” he said of jumping on board to do the film. “I was on the couch, retired, and the script popped up. And I was like hey, this is really emotional and written well. I connected with the emotion in the script immediately, and read the script really fast. Usually it takes me like, four or five sittings to read something, like I’ll read 30-40 pages and put it down and go back to it. But I read this thing in like an hour. I just shot through it in like an hour and was sitting there crying like a punk. This doesn’t usually happen when I read stuff. So I was there and I was like wow, this is interesting that I’m reacting this way.”

Mr. Church is in theaters now.

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