Fat Joe Confuses Freedom With License In Response To Colin Kaepernick’s Protest


Just about everyone you know has somehow weighed in on Colin Kaepernick’s national anthem protest and his refusal to pledge allegiance to a country that does not protect the rights and lives of black and brown people.

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In a since-deleted tweet (below), Puerto Rican-Cuban rapper Fat Joe chimes in on the matter, saying he’s not down with Kaepernick sitting during the “Star Spangled Banner.” The tweet, with one too many typos, reads: “Having thout about it, I ain’t with protesting the #NationalAnthem. Soldiers died fighting 4 our freedom not cops. Why disrepsected them?”

However, the gravest mistake our beloved Joey committed was confusing freedom with license, as if “freedom” somehow excludes the freedom of speech, expression, petition, or protest. Not to mention that in the grander scheme of things, American soldiers didn’t really fight nor die for a flag, but for American ideals. Which include—wait for it—the freedom to exercise said liberties.

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You gave The Bronx “Lean Back.” We’ve got to do better Mr. Crack.


CREDIT: Twitter