Flatbush Zombies’ “Trade Off” Video Is One Epic Movie


Having a pretty solid run for 2016, Brooklyn’s own Flatbush Zombies just released the video to their new single, “Trade Off,” from their latest album, 3001: A Laced Oddessy. It is a short mini-film created in collaboration with High Horse Studios.

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The Jayga Rayn directed mini-movie shows some men go on a Grand Theft Auto-like crime spree as they hit a lick at a local liquor store for all the cash and jet out of there. From there, the two men have an insane time as they party through the Asian underworld and get faded with old people… and beautiful women. T

“Trade Off” shows the Brooklyn trio lyrically finessing the world with such amazing chemistry all over the song with their unorthodox style on the brooding production And they didn’t even need to appear in it.

The Zombies’ new album is now available on iTunes, stores, and all streaming services. You can get it now at Glorious Dead.