12 Images That Prove Frida Kahlo’s Fashion Game Was A1


Although Frida Kahlo’s legacy is deeply rooted in the Mexican Revolution, Frida’s icon status came posthumously, with her world-renowned self-portraits and offbeat fashion. Today, her varied images are mass-produced beyond the canvas—as nail art, cell phone covers, street murals, halloween costumes and even vodoo-like dolls. But with her personal politics on feminism and gender roles, is it really any wonder why she’s considered so badass? Here are the many reasons why Frida Kahlo’s fashion game was hella forward…

She was wearing plunge necks before anybody thought it was “acceptable.”

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Her image has been mass-produced, so you can carry her fashion brilliance everywhere you go.

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Way before your favorite rapper, Frida was rocking big chains.

Going nude? Been there, done that.

Frida today is so influential, women dress like her on their big day.

Big flowers and bows braided into hair? Yea, that’s her.

Almost every millennial girl wants to be her for Halloween.

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Frida wore big bows, long chains, topless garb, and “boy” slacks, and still, her wardrobe game was proper.

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Can you say original selfie?

No one—and we mean no one—could rock a unibrow and mustache like our girl Frida. Talk about breaking beauty boundaries and defying industry standards.

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Big jewelry, big tings.

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That monkey on French Montana’s shoulder? Yea, Frida did it first.

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