Gina Rodriguez On The Importance Of A Latina In ‘Deepwater Horizon’


On the heels of Deepwater Horizon’s theatrical release, Gina Rodriguez sat down to talk about the biographical thriller’s significance in not only chronicling a forgotten moment in history, but also the importance of casting a Latina in its narrative.

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“For me it was more important that a Latina was cast in that role,” Rodriguez, who plays Andrea Fleytas, told The Hollywood Reporter. “It doesn’t have to be me; it could me Melanie Diaz, Genesis Rodriguez, Natalie Martinez. There is a list of very strong, capable Latina actors that should be in this role because Latinas are the backbone of America.”

While many other actresses were more than capable of doing the job, Rodriguez is grateful to have been chosen to take on the role, and isn’t taking the responsibility of portraying Fleytas lightly. “I felt an obligation to give her an honor that she deserves, and a bravery and a courage that whether I was physically able to see her or touch her, I wanted to let her know I had her back,” said the Jane the Virgin starlet. “She was one of the only women on that oil rig…”

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Deepwater Horizon is based on the 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Rodriguez plays alongside Mark Wahlberg (Mike Williams) and Kurt Russel (Jimmy “Mr. Jimmy” Harrell). See the Chi City Boricua as the sole Latina on the historic oil rig in Deepwater Horizon, in theaters Sept. 30.