This Is What Happened When Gucci Mane Reviewed Gucci’s Spring 2017 Collection


Gucci Mane is no stranger to high-priced designed duds. So when VOGUE sat down with the Atlanta rapper to review the Gucci Spring 2017 collection, it wasn’t too far of a stretch for seeing that his own stage name boldly pays homage to the Italian brand.

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Known as a part-time sunglasses aficionado when he’s not in the booth, Gucci was most fascinated by a pair of bejeweled bug-eye frames.“I’ve got to get those!” he said, laughing. Intrigued by the vibrant color palette and whimsical designs of Alessandro Michele, the rapper shared his thoughts on how he’d personally change some of the ensembles to suit his personal style and what he appreciated about the collection, like a pair of snakeskin loafers he referred to as “hard.”

Press play and Gucci Mane review Gucci’s recent collection.