Harry Belafonte To Appear On Al Roker’s ‘Living Legends’ Series


This interview should be one to remember. As part of TODAY’s ongoing “Living Legend” series, Al Roker will sit down with activist Harry Belafonte to discuss his social justice organization Sankofa and the creation of the Many Rivers To Cross Festival.

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At 89-years-old, Belafonte has continued the fight for racial and social equality all over the world. Next weekend, (Oct. 1-2), Sankofa will present the Many Rivers To Cross Festival in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia. Inspired by their mission of awareness, the event features a healthy combination of music, art and activism.

Attendees will meet with activists and thought-leaders to create platforms for their favorite causes. Over 30 performers will also take over the stage including T.I., Jamie Foxx and Ty Dolla $ign. Proceeds from the event will go to fellow grassroots organizations and organizers for their respective campaigns.

Belafonte will discuss the inspiration behind the festival and his thoughts on the artist/activist tradition. Given Al Roker’s latest “woke moment” we’re hoping the two touch on the current racial disparities in the country during an unconventional presidential election. Belafonte previously touched on the importance of activism while praising Colin Kaepernick’s decision not to stand during the national anthem. “To mute the slave has always been to the best interest of the slave owner,” Belafonte said to “NewsOne Now” host, Roland Martin last month. “And I think that when a black voice is raised in protest to oppression, those who are comfortable with our oppression are the first to criticize us for daring to speak out against it. I think that it’s a noble thing that he’s done. I think that speaking out and making people aware of the fact that you are paying homage to an anthem that also has a constituency that by the millions suffer is a righteous thing to do.”

The “Living Legend series” previously featured comedic pioneers like Dick Van Dyke, Don Rickles, and Betty White.

Check out Belafonte on the 8 a.m. hour of the TODAY show on Friday (Sept. 23)and more details on the Many Rivers To Cross Festival here.

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