When Hillary Clinton Tweeted A Pusha T Contest, All Of Twitter Felt Some Kind Of Way


With the first round of presidential debates out of the way, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s campaigns continue to push forward in an effort to win the majority vote of Americans. For Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, a next move strategically includes one-half of the former hip-hop duo, The Clipse – Pusha T.

On Wednesday afternoon (September 28), Clinton’s team took to her Twitter account to promote a simple contest, urging American citizens to go out and register to vote. Once registered, the newly added voter is automatically entered to win a chance at meeting the Virginia-native and current President of G.O.O.D Music.

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Naturally, many followers (and non-followers) joined in on the idea and retweeted the contest for their friends to see. Others side-eyed the tweet and did not hesitate to share their approval. Many couldn’t help but question her sincerity, while others applauded her for her political move which many believe to be a plot to win over the state of Virginia. Either way, the reactions ranging mostly lightheartedness to criticism and confusion.

Flip through some of those reactions up top. If you’re not registered to vote and a fan of Pusha T, you might as well enter to win. In the meantime, be sure to catch the next showdown aka second Presidential Debate on Sunday, October 9 at 9pm ET.

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