Tish Hyman: “My Whole Album Is An Autobiography Of My Life”


VIBE recently was blessed with the lovely sounds of one Tish Hyman. This multi-talented singer/songwriter/rapper from The Bronx recently released her official debut album, and has already contributed to records from the likes of Fabolous and Kanye West.

“I mean it’s my life story, so it shapes everything,” says Tish about her new album, Dedicated To. “The whole album is an autobiography of my life. The reason why I wrote it is because I wanted people to understand that this comes from someplace… and even though I’m really happy, and I’m a great person, I came from very hard situations and made it out of some real tough stuff.

Throughout all of her trials and tribulations, she manages to keep a smile on her face and music on her mind. Even when folks try to unfairly label her, based on her upbringing, Tish proves all the naysayers wrong every time.

“[But] I’m still a good person. [The hood] did not determine where I was gonna go in life, and what I was going to be. By showing people that, it was saying ‘You know what, just because I’m from the ghetto doesn’t mean I got to be a gangsta’. Maybe I’m just here, Maybe I’m not hood, Maybe I’m just in the hood’.”

Tish’s Dedicated To album is available for purchase on iTunes now.

Stay tuned for more from VIBE’s exclusive interview with upcoming star.