Introducing the Benchwarmers on Comedy Central’s ‘Legends of Chamberlain Heights’


Don’t front: high school sucks. Unless you’re part of the precious 1% that consists of star athletes, head cheerleaders and reliable weed dealers, the four years between 9th grade and senior graduation is more like doing a mandatory bid of perpetual soul-crushing humiliation and failure.

Grover, Jamal and Milk — the stars of Comedy Central’s new animated series, Legends of Chamberlain Heights — know all about humiliation and failure. They’re the trash-talking benchwarmers of the Michael Clarke Duncan High basketball team, the Black Holes. This trio of wannabe legends in their own mind battle personal mediocrity and lack of high school status through sheer force of will, a steady stream of corny jokes and a whole lot of self-delusion.

Having already (barely) survived their first high school party in the series debut, the second episode finds the hapless trio at the mercy of their always mad-as-hell coach with the dragon breath, who also doubles as the health teacher.

The assignment: getting paired up with the most unexpected (and for the most part, unwanted) partners to be responsible for their own TotBot-3000, surrogate babies they have to take care for like actual babies. When Milk and his partner, Jamal’s little sister, refuse to vaccinate their robot baby because Jenny McCarthy says it’s linked to autism (“and Jenny McCarthy is the smartest bitch in Hollywood,” according to Milk), it sets off a chain reaction that threatens everyone’s grades — and any chance Grover has of hooking up with his dream girl, Cindy. Watch the second episode of Legends of Chamberlain Heights tonight at 10:30/9:30c on Comedy Central and anytime on the CC app. Get to know the three class clowns flailing through the most awkward years of their lives on Legends of Chamberlain Heights below.


Defining characteristics: Constantly thirsting over fine-ass Cindy, who’s already boo’ed up with basketball team captain, Randy. Tossing chalk in the air like his own personal Jesus, Lebron James, whenever something good happens to him. Getting schooled in blackness from his woke eight-year-old little brother/local drug kingpin, Malik (a.k.a. “Cornell Pest”) and fleeced by his deadbeat older brother, Montrel.
He said what? “Coach need to put me in the game. I get more highlights than a white girl named Amy.”
If he was a rapper, he’d be: He’s probably a hardcore Drake stan, but Grover is definitely Meek Mill.  


Defining characteristics: As the only white kid in the crew, getting smacked upside the head for calling Jamal and Grover “my n*gs.” Smacking Grover upside the head for ogling his heavily medicated and inflated hot blonde mom. Dealing with his openly racist stepfather, who bears a striking resemblance to a certain ‘90s sitcom star.
He said what? “Ain’t my fault you look like that bitch ass from Full House, uncle Joey.”
If he was a rapper, he’d be: He’d say Eminem, but Milk is 100% Macklemore.


Defining characteristics: Quietly having way more game than Grover and Milk combined. Getting bossed around by his large and in charge but definitely on the down-low girlfriend, Medina. Constantly eating as well as staying well-caffeinated, thanks to his steady intake of Starbucks.
He said what? “You trippin,’ boo. It won’t be as fun if we allow our relationship to venture into the human dimension. We gotta keep our shit spiritual.”
If he was a rapper, he’d be: A classic killer punch-line-delivering MC like Phife Dawg (RIP) or Grand Puba, both of whom he discovered while reading old copies of VIBE magazine in the school library.

To catch up with the awkward but totally hilarious antics and steady humiliations of Milk, Jamal, and Grover, be sure to catch Legends of Chamberlain Heights on Wednesdays (tonight) at 10:30/9:30c on Comedy Central and anytime on the CC app.

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