Issa Rae Shines In Official Trailer For HBO Series “Insecure”

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Let Issa Rae tell it, Insecure, her new series on HBO is a “prequel to BlackGirlMagic.” The show’s co-writer, creator and star took to Twitter Wednesday (Sept. 8) to tell fans about the official trailer and why she decided to name her series insecure. According to Rae, before black women ascended to their individual greatness, they have to endure a few bumps in the road that she hopes her TV series will highlight.

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“There’s this narrative going around that’s awesome that black women are fierce, they’re strong they’re flawless and I don’t know that life and my friends definitely don’t know that life,” the 31-year-old writer said. “So I wanted to center a show around weak black women and the uncertainty that they feel on that journey to get to greatness. It’s like the prequel to BlackGirlMagic.”

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Rae’s character is Issa G, a woman who loves her boyfriend Lawrence (played by Jay Ellis of The Game) but has grown weary of having to bear the emotional and financial weight of their relationship while he bounces back from a professional loss. Alongside Rae is her corporate attorney homegirl Molly, played by Yvonne Orji. The show takes places in LA and navigates both Rae’s relationship with Lawrence and Molly’s attempt at finding love.

Insecure premieres at 10:30PM, Sunday, Oct. 9 on HBO