Kanye West Responds To Kid Cudi: “I Birthed You”


After Kid Cudi’s stream of consciousness earlier today, Kanye West has responded with a lengthy rant of his own.

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At his show in Tampa, Florida Wednesday evening, (Sept. 14,) ‘Ye expressed his disappointment of his former protege and suggested a means of unifying rather than critiquing his music endeavors. His major one happens to be a collaboration album with Drake. Cudi hasn’t shared his thoughts on the upcoming project but showed his dismay towards artists who use a roster of writers in their work–something Kanye is widely known for.

After stopping in the middle of the remix to “Don’t Like,” the rapper addressed Cudi by reminding him of his come up. “Kid Cudi, don’t ever mention ‘Ye name,” he said. “I birthed you. We all dealing with that emo sh** all the time; me, Pat, Don C. Don’t ever mention ‘Ye name. Don’t try to say who I can do songs with. You mad ’cause I’m doing songs with Drake. Ain’t nobody telling ‘Ye who to do songs with. Respect the God!”

The two began working together after Kanye signed the Ohio native to the G.O.O.D Music imprint in 2008. After a few gold albums and features with Jay Z, MGMT and more, Cudi parted ways with the label in 2013. During his rant, Kanye reminded Cudi to put some respect on his name.

“You know how many people wish they could be signed to G.O.O.D. Music, get they life changed? Have that opportunity?” he said. “Never forget that. I’m so hurt. I feel so disrespected. Kid Cudi, we’re two black men in a racist world. I wore skinny jeans first. I got called names before you, bruh. Why y’all got to come at me? This ain’t the end of the Malcolm X movie. I’m out here fighting for y’all: creatives, artists, independent thinkers. Don’t never mention my name in a bad manner. None of y’all!”

No matter how you feel about Kanye or Cudi, it’s tough to watch a friendship burst at the seams. Wale, who has had his fair share of beef with Cudi, shared GQ’s 2009 spread where the rappers were young, humble and most importantly, friends.


You can watch Kanye’s rants in the videos below.

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