Kap G Earns His Biggest Cosign From The Most Unlikely Of Sources


Last year we introduced rapper Kap G, whose story is that of a first-generation Mexican-American growing up in College Park, a predominantly black neighborhood in Atlanta. Since signing on with Atlantic Records in 2011, Kap G has garnered collaborations with Wiz Khalifa, Fabolous and Jeezy. Not to mention, being dubbed “the future” by mentor Pharrell Williams and landing a role in Rick Famuyiwa’s Dope.

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But hip-hop luminary Sean “Diddy” Combs is only now discovering the Chicano rapper, complimenting him on his distinctive sound and unmatcher swagger. “I don’t know who the f*ck this is. I know y’all know, but I don’t know. I know Kap G—but I never met him before, and this sh*t hard,” he said while sitting next to Cassie and riding out to the heavily-rotated “Girlfriend.” “I don’t f*ck with that sh*t everybody sound like, this n*gga’s swaggy. I see you player. I don’t know who you are, but just sending you love.”

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Kap G unsurprisingly responded to the mogul’s shoutout, which was recorded and shared on Instagram with over 7 million followers: “YOU DIGG!!! PRECIATE THAT BIG HOMIE… 💯 💯 💯 💯 #CIROCBOY”

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