Keke Palmer Puts Cheaters In Their Place With “Reverse Psychology”


Actress and singer KeKe Palmer directly challenges the notion that you can’t change a man, and his thoughts with her new song/video, “Reverse Psychology”.

As the visuals open with the quote, “To change the thoughts of men, it takes a real woman to reverse his psychology,” Palmer flips the script on her cheating lover as she sings “What if I told you that I was out with another man/What if I told you it didn’t mean a thing/What if I told you that I love you so but these hoes can’t let go.”

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The Scream Queens actress sings a wonderful melody over a mood setting acoustic guitar about how it feels to experience infidelity and challenges cheaters to put themselves in the other person’s shoes. The gritty and thought provoking flick serves as a great backdrop to an soul stirring track that puts those unfaithful ones in their place.

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