Kevin Durant Got A Music Icon Tatted On His Thigh… Because That’s What We Do Now


Tat my face on your thigh so we know it’s real. At least that’s what Kevin Durant did. The newly-signed Golden State Warriors player got new ink of music legend, Rick James on his left thigh.

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Cruise Control Studios’ tattoo artist, Steve Wiebe, uploaded an image of the basketball star in his chair in Amsterdam Saturday (Sept. 3.) The full tattoo was later unveiled showing the “Super Freak” artist in a pair of shades.

But Rick James isn’t the only icon to grace Durant’s limbs. Earlier this summer, KD also showed appreciation to Tupac Shakur and the Wu-Tang Clan by permanently stamping them on his leg.

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It’s a little unclear of the criteria that deems certain stars worthy of making it on to Kevin’s body. But since we’re going with music influencers, should we assume Prince is next? See Kevin’s new tat below.