Latinx Artists Shine On Twitter With #LatinxsCreate


Latinx artists throughout the diaspora are broadening the lane of representation for their community by shifting the spotlight to their creativity. Launched on the cusp of a weekend dominated by NFL and Emmy Awards hashtags, #LatinxsCreate points to a pipeline of creative minds expanding the Latinx narrative via Twitter.

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“I wanted us all to see each other! Making stuff. Make connections, find each other, collaborate, keep building community,” young adult author Tristan J. Tarwater tweeted of her decision to bring the hashtag to life. “I want us to get paid. To get picked up, to get gigs. We have the skills.”

Tarwater’s endeavor was not in vain as creators tied to Latin America continue to form a network on the social media platform. “Our heritage is here, for us to know, to wrap ourselves into it,” she continued. “[Our] future lays at our fingertips, for us to create.”

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