Lil Wayne Gets Real About Life Behind Bars In New Memoir

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Lil Wayne is giving fans a look into life behind bars in his upcoming book, Gone ’Til November: A Jounral of Rikers Island out next month. The book features various journal entries from Weezy during his eight-month bid on Rikers Island in 2010.

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According to excerpts from the New York Post, Wayne talks about Drake sleeping with his girlfriend, details a gay wedding in jail, and reveals that Kanye West and Diddy were among his visitors.

On the wedding between two male inmates, Weezy describes hanging toilet paper on the walls alongside his fellow inmates and toasting the nuptials with Gatorade, which he called “liquid gold in this b*tch.”

“Imagine seeing grown-a** men in jail hanging tissue for wedding decorations. AND one of them is Lil Wayne. Crazy,” he wrote.

As for the heartbreaking betrayal of his now ex-girlfriend and Drake — Weezy describes the moment when his Young Money protégé came to confess.

“Finding out that she f*cked Drake was the absolute worst thing I could have found out,” he admits. “Drizzy came to see me, he was like, ‘Yeah, it’s true’. Damn! This is the type of sh*t a man never wants to find out while he is locked up.”

In another interesting tidbit, Wayne says two female guards got in trouble for trying to visit him, but the incident made him more optimistic about jail. “Maybe there will be some female groupies in this b*tch after all,” wrote Tunechi.

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Being that he had to go without sex for a grueling eight months, Wayne figured he’d get a little pleasure by having a lady friend visit him, with no panties on. Unfortunately for the New Orleans rapper, he never got to recreate that “Basic Instinct” moment because “they have extensive-a** searches” for Riker’s visitors.

“They made her put on a pair of boxers because they knew she didn’t have on panties,” he wrote. “Damn!”

Of course, the full jail experience was more than panty-free visitors, inmates tying the knot, and Drake’s sleeping with his girlfriend. Life on Rikers Island provided Wayne with a creative epiphany. “I always thought I needed things like being high with my n?*ggas, a Bugatti, a dope-ass crib or some big-booty b*tches to be creative,” he explained. “But once it was taken away from me, my creativity was put to the ultimate test.”

Gone ‘Til November drops Oct. 11.

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