Lil Wayne Is None Too Pleased Tyga Was Let Out Of His Young Money Contract


Tyga’s label switcheroo to G.O.O.D. Music took most people by surprise, including Lil Wayne, the head honcho of Tyga’s former label Young Money who is not a happy camper that one of his MC’s was let out of his contract without his O.K. According to TMZ, Weezy did not approve of Tyga signing off from the Cash Money imprint, which the New Orleans rapper owns 49 percent of.

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“Even though Birdman owns a majority stake, we’re told Wayne feels his John Hancock was necessary to seal the deal, and had he been consulted, he would have vetoed it anyway,” the site reads.

This is just another nail in the coffin in Lil Wayne and Birdman’s relationship. Birdman is in charge of Cash Money and owns a majority stake in Young Money, and recently, the two have been in the news for money woes and legal issues.

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Tunechi is reportedly suing Birdman for $51 million, and is claiming that his former friend spent almost $100 million of their advance from Universal Music Group. Wayne is looking to leave Cash Money, but is attempting to get paid by Birdman before doing so.

The saga continues…