Lil Wayne Performs ‘Skip and Shannon: Undisputed’ Theme Song


Even though Lil Wayne has been in talks of retirement, it doesn’t mean you should not expect to hear from him on the regular.

Fox Sports 1’s new debate show, Skip and Shannon Undisputed will be kicking things off with a bang every morning as you start off your day hearing Weezy’s “No Mercy” on the intro. The track features the New Orleans icon boasting on his sports-debate skills with lines like “Let’s go face to face / I embrace debate / I don’t make mistakes / I just make my case.”

Lil Wayne has been a featured guest on ESPN’s First Take who consistently stood out as one of the most knowledgeable sports fans, holding his own with the likes of Stephen A. Smith and S&S co-host, Skip Bayless. He appeared on the two and a half hour show this morning.

In a quote from Billboard, Bayless, the veteran sports journalist expressed his admiration for Weezy and the new song. “Lil Wayne has been a friend and frequent guest on my show, and I’ve told him how honored I am to have such a legend create such a great song for our new show,” said Bayless.

Wayne returned the love right back saying, “I like the fact that he’s super intelligent … He probably came up with the term ‘debate,’ and he can debate his ass off.”

All of this is in the midst of Lil Wayne’s crypic threat of retirement after tweeting his fans, ““I AM NOW DEFENSELESS AND mentally DEFEATED & I leave gracefully and thankful I luh my fanz but I’m dun.” Since then, many of his longtime friends and collaborators have sided with him and encouraged him not to give up, including Mack Mane, Drake, Rick Ross, Chris Brown, and many others.

Skip and Shannon: Undisputed will also include NFL Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe as co-host and Joy Taylor as moderator. It will be airing live every weekday morning on Fox Sports 1.
The full version to “No Mercy” will be released via Cash Money Records on iTunes later on this month.