Lil Yachty’s Friends Roast Tupac And Say Drake Is The Better Artist

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In a video captured by the good folks at Montreality, Lil Yachty’s friends got into a fiery debate with a few elders about who is the better artist, Drake or Tupac? Per Yachty’s friends, “Tupac and Biggie ain’t got sh*t on Drake.” (Their words, not ours)

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The news comes just a few days after hip-hop fans honored the 20 year anniversary of Tupac’s death. However, the belief that Yacty’s friends have in Drake’s superiority over Tupac doesn’t come as a surprise. Not that Drizzy hasn’t cemented his place on hip-hop’s Mount Rushmore, but during a sit-down with Billboard, Yachty said he couldn’t name five songs from either Pac or Big.

“If I’m doing this my way and making all this money,” the Atlanta native says, “why should I do it how everybody says it’s supposed to be done?”

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In the video, Yachty’s friends say Drake’s duality of being able to sing and rap places him above the hip-hop luminaries, while the elder gentlemen on the bus and few other tried their best to impart had Tupac and Biggie not come along and laid down a foundation, artists like Drake wouldn’t have rose to such prominence. The two sides go back and forth playing ‘Pac songs and Drake songs to illustrate the difference, however Yachty and his friends have their minds made up.

Watch the video below.