Lin-Manuel Miranda To (Hopefully) Bring His Much-Needed Political Satire To ‘SNL’


Saturday Night Live aimed the proverbial slap in the face at Latinos when they tapped presidential nominee Donald Trump to host last fall, despite the fact that NBC had cut ties with him months earlier over his anti-Mexican remarks.

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For its 42nd season, it’s as though SNL committed to diversifying its representation when it announced it hired its first Latina cast member, and then a latino staff writer, who guest-scripted previously. The former act was smeared when Melissa Villaseñor’s now-deleted tweets (over 2,000 to be exact) were deemed offensive and racist. Not to mention, pitifully unfunny.

With their historical stake in political satire, it’s a wonder how SNL plans to turn the tide. “Trying to satirize this unprecedented, increasingly contentious Presidential campaign would be hard enough; doing so after SNL had Donald Trump host an episode last fall,” said Rolling Stone, “after his campaign was underway and he’d already begun to spew some highly questionable rhetoric, simply makes things doubly complicated.”

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After Suicide Squad star Margot Robbie takes a stab at her first primetime appearance as the new season’s first host, perhaps Hamilton maestro and celebrated playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda—whose disdain for Trump and brilliant musical humor could make for some genius political satire—can help revitalize the Emmy Award-winning late-night comedy showcase?

We’ll have to wait and see as the Nuyorican is scheduled to host SNL on Oct. 8 with musical guest Twenty One Pilots. Fingers crossed.