Lira Galore Discusses Why She And Rick Ross Split On “Fix My Life”


Lira Galore, Rick Ross’ ex-fiance, was featured on an episode of OWN’s Iyanla: Fix My Life this past weekend, in which she explained some of the reasons she believes she and the “Make It Work” MC were unable to make it work themselves. They were engaged for only two short months, breaking up at the end of last year.

“Our relationship was phenomenal, but then he changed,” Galore, real name Lira Mercer, told the show’s host, Iyanla Vanzant. “He was doing a lot of sneaky things behind my back.”

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When asked if her man’s actions bothered and angered her, Galore alluded that she didn’t feel appreciated, which she believes is a problem that many black women face from their lovers.

“I’m angry because I want our black men to value us, and they don’t,” she explained. Her naïveté and willingness to listen to anything she was told, she acknowledged, may have led to the end of her relationship.

She also noted that the pain and heartbreak of losing Rozay drove her to drinking heavily.

“I like the way it makes me feel,” she said of being a heavy drinker. “It makes me forget my pain, my hurt, my heartbreak.”

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Above all, Lira Galore hopes that by bringing light to the issues in her relationship with Ross, she’ll be able to help other women in the long run.

“It’s easy to see public relationships or lifestyles on Instagram and forget we are all human,” she told Vanzant. “We are all naive at times. I’ve learned you have to stay focused on your goals, and the love you build for yourself will always remain solid. Outside that, you have to trust your worth as a person and as a woman.”

Check out the clip of the conversation below.

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