Listen to Prospectt Make It “Rain, Rain” On The Haters


Miami rapper Prospectt knows the right place to go make his haters fume with envy. When he knows he’s got something to brag about, the Haitian emcee hits up his squad of Zoes to mob through the slew of strip clubs in his hometown like King of Diamonds or Tootsies and make it rain crispy, green bills.

“I caught writers block so my mans was like lets go get some wings long story short we ended up at “G5” a strip club in North Miami,” Prospectt told VIBE. “I ordered a brick (a block of dollar bills}, ate my wings, and started throwing them ones up. After we left, we went back to the studio and ended up making it rain, rain! It’s not the first “rain” record out, but Miami has a strong strip club culture so it was only right I give my point of view.”

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Shortly after dropping off his Are We Done Or Are We Finished EP, Prospectt releases his brand new club banger that will make any stripper pull a few stunts on the pole. Don’t get it twisted though. The rapper and beat maker linked up with “Blow A Check” producer Smash David to ensure that their new record will turn any occasion into an instant party.