Little Miss Flint’s Reaction To Donald Trump Is That Of Pure Horror


Amariyanna Copeny, a vivacious 8-year-old from Flint, MI, got the opportunity of a lifetime when she met President Barack Obama earlier this year. Known as Little Miss Flint, Amariyanna ran and leaped into Potus’ arms, giving him a huge hug. The tender moment no doubt made its way around the Internet, and was naturally included in the famous #ObamaAndKids hashtag.

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Unfortunately, that same softness and affection wasn’t exhibited when Amariyanna met Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. In fact, Amariyanna looked terrified, or worse, Sallie Mae sent her account to collections.

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We can assume Little Miss Flint kept her composure and was polite to Mr. Trump, but it’s obvious this didn’t go as swimmingly as her previous encounter with the president.